June 23, 2017

Jo has helped my son Louie on a few occasions over the last few years, from when he was 12 years old. He is very sporty and has played hockey and football at a high level.  His nerves kept holding him back and he used to get very anxious before important matches.  This sometimes lead to panic attacks as he would worry that he wasn’t going to be good enough and let his team down.

Jo came to our own home so that Louie felt comfortable in his environment.  She talked through Louie’s concerns and gave him plans and idea’s to overcome his worries and focus on his game.

Every time she has been to see him it has really helped and he has been like a different child.  He has got his confidence back and believed in himself again.  As soon as something starts to worry him again we contact Jo to visit him.

Recently he had been off of sport for a few months due to injury and was getting concerned about getting back into training.  One visit from Jo and he was back into playing football as confident as ever.

I can highly recommend Jo.  She has a lovely way with my son and makes him feel at ease.  I’m sure we’ll be seeing her again.