Jo’s own sporting background lies in equestrian and so she appreciates the challenges that training and competing with equine partners can bring! Jo works with riders of all levels on an individual and group basis, and has experience within disciplines of dressage, show-jumping, eventing, polo, showing, working equitation, and racing; as well as with recreational riders. Practical 1:1 sessions can be of great benefit, and Jo can meet you at your stables, a training venue, or at events. Jo also runs workshops for riding clubs, pony clubs, and professional bodies including British Eventing, British Showjumping, and British Dressage.

Competitive riders
Riders often spend a huge amount of time preparing physically for competition, e.g. horse and rider fitness, schooling, nutrition, tack and equipment. Yet preparing mentally for competitions is often over-looked. Jo helps riders to gain consistency and a competitive mental edge in areas such as:

  • Effectively managing competition nerves
  • Improving focus, e.g. within training, competition warm-ups and in the ring
  • Stepping up to the next level of competition, e.g. self-belief and preparation
  • Coping with pressure, e.g. from support teams, owners, and yourself
  • Dealing emotionally with the highs and lows of competition, e.g. results, falls, injury

Recreational riders
Jo meets many riders who would like to build their confidence and enjoy their riding more, be that whilst hacking out or jumping a course of fences. Jo works with recreational riders to bring the fun back into riding, looking at areas such as:

  • Overcoming anxiety after a fall or bad experience
  • Building confidence to take on feared activities, e.g. cantering in open spaces
  • Developing self-belief to try new things, e.g. hacking out alone
  • Improving focus to develop skills and accomplish goals

What Jo’s EQUESTRIAN clients are saying…

Having been a confident rider all my life I suddenly found myself to be nervous, negative and anxious, a combination of middle age and becoming the owner of a very sensitive, quirky and sometimes unpredictable, horse.  I was on the point of giving up all together when I met Jo. I found her to be kind and sympathetic and, as a rider herself, she could empathise with my worries and fears.
Jo put me back in control.  She taught me techniques which helped me focus on my riding and not on the “what if” scenarios which before had constantly played in my head. Thanks to her help I went from someone who found it hard to ride a 20m circle and felt anxious trotting over a pole to someone who scored 70%+ at dressage and was confident jumping a 1m track.
I cannot thank Jo enough for helping me to rediscover my love of riding and would recommend her to anyone who is experiencing doubts and fears at whatever level.

JN Grassroots Event Rider

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