Personal Development

Get out of your mind and into your life

Whilst initially embarking on a career within sport, Jo now regularly coaches people to flourish in many other personal development settings.¬†Using a psychological approach called ‘Acceptance and Commitment Therapy’ (or ‘ACT’), Jo helps people to ‘get out of your mind, and into your life’. ACT will help you to overcome mental roadblocks and move towards a rich, full, and meaningful life by:

1) Teaching you psychological skills to effectively manage tricky thoughts and feelings. Difficult emotions naturally arise within all humans when we face life challenges, adversity, or stretch ourselves. Jo will help you to learn and implement awareness, mindfulness, and focus skills to create a different relationship with difficult emotions, to ultimately enhance your wellbeing, productivity and/or performance.

2) Helping you to clarify what’s truly meaningful and important to you – your ‘values’ – to motivate, guide, and action positive change. Jo will help you to develop and confidently implement value-led action plans that will help you to be the most fulfilled version of you. Creating new habits can be challenging, and Jo will be your ‘accountability partner’; helping you stay on track and navigate road-bumps along your journey.

Jo works with a wide range of people and individual contexts, via 1:1 consultations face-to-face or online via video/phone calls. Some more common areas of support are outlined below:

Teenagers and Young Adults

* Exam pressure * Low self-esteem * Balancing educational and sport / extra-curricular demands * Developing social skills / overcoming shyness * Preparing for and adjusting to university life * Managing emotions * Life direction and career decisions *

Adults – Life Challenges and Changes

* Stress and anxiety management * Initiating and maintaining healthy behaviours, such as exercise * Imposter syndrome * Low self-esteem * Career Decisions and Changes * Organisation and Prioritisation amidst a busy life * Low motivation * Managing perfectionism and your ‘inner critic’ *

Performance Settings

* Managing high pressure work environments * Performing Arts – auditions and performances * Public Speaking, Presenting, and Pitching * Entrepreneurs – getting started and expanding business * Effective Leadership and Communication at work *