Individual Consultations

One-on-one consultations are a fantastic way to engage with a psychology programme that is entirely tailored to you. Typically, your first session will entail a thorough discussion about your sporting background, future aspirations, strengths, and areas for improvement. Jo will then work with you to create and progress through a development plan. Subsequent sessions will involve feedback, discussion, and practical elements.

Jo looks to build trusting, on-going working relationships with individuals. This is because changing your mindset or perfecting mental skills takes commitment and practice (just like the physical and technical elements of sport!). You might for example be encouraged to practice newly learnt skills or complete tasks between sessions.

An individual session will usually last for 60-minutes and can be scheduled according to your requirements, be that an intensive course of sessions or on a weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis.


What Jo’s clients are saying about INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS…

I am a professional Ski Instructor and have spent the last 7 years completing my Ski Instructor qualifications. The last part of my qualification was called the European Speed Test, a timed Giant Slalom race, and it was incredibly challenging. It proved to be a big hurdle in completing my qualifications. I spent some time researching Sport Psychology options and I’m so grateful I stumbled upon Jo’s website. Jo’s sessions helped me to build my confidence and self-belief, helped to create a more structured approach to training, improved my routines for race day and enabled me to get in the best possible mindset to pass my Eurotest. Straight away I noticed a change in my skiing. My training sessions were more positive and productive and the periods of training I usually found quite stressful became more enjoyable. Incidentally, I passed the Eurotest the same winter season of starting the sessions with Jo after training for it for 4 years. The sports psychology sessions were invaluable and Jo was always well prepared, professional, encouraging and knowledgable from the face to face sessions, to follow-up work and support via email. I can’t recommend her highly enough and I continue to use the techniques she introduced me to during her sessions. Thanks Jo!

Amy Professional Ski Instructor

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