Individual Consultations

One-on-one consultations are a fantastic way to engage with a psychology programme that is entirely tailored to you. Typically, your first session will entail a thorough discussion about your sporting experiences, aspirations, strengths, and development areas. Jo will discuss with you what you want to gain from sessions, and then work with you to create a development plan. Subsequent sessions will involve feedback, discussion, and practical elements; to support you in progressing your journey.

Jo looks to build trusting, on-going working relationships with individuals. This is because managing your mindset and learning mental skills takes commitment and practice; just like the physical and technical elements of sport. You are likely to be encouraged to practice newly learnt strategies or complete reflections tasks between sessions. It may also be helpful for Jo to attend your training/competition environment (or review video footage with you), to help you integrate psychological approaches into your routines.

Jo has created sport psychology package options that ensure a flexible and personalised approach. Most popular is her 6-hour package that enables you to pre-book 6-hours worth of sessions at a time; and break this down into time-blocks that suit you and the work you are doing together, be that: 12 x 30-minute sessions; 4 x 90-min sessions; or any other possible combination. Jo also offers pay-as-you-go sessions as an alternative. Please contact Jo for a current price list.

What Jo’s clients are saying about INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS…

I am a professional Ski Instructor and have spent the last 7 years completing my Ski Instructor qualifications. The last part of my qualification was called the European Speed Test, a timed Giant Slalom race, and it was incredibly challenging. It proved to be a big hurdle in completing my qualifications. I spent some time researching Sport Psychology options and I’m so grateful I stumbled upon Jo’s website. Jo’s sessions helped me to build my confidence and self-belief, helped to create a more structured approach to training, improved my routines for race day and enabled me to get in the best possible mindset to pass my Eurotest. Straight away I noticed a change in my skiing. My training sessions were more positive and productive and the periods of training I usually found quite stressful became more enjoyable. Incidentally, I passed the Eurotest the same winter season of starting the sessions with Jo after training for it for 4 years. The sports psychology sessions were invaluable and Jo was always well prepared, professional, encouraging and knowledgable from the face to face sessions, to follow-up work and support via email. I can’t recommend her highly enough and I continue to use the techniques she introduced me to during her sessions. Thanks Jo!

Amy Professional Ski Instructor

I’m in my 40’s and have competed on and off in the GB age-group triathlon team over a number of years. I approached Jo out-of-the-blue in early 2016 as I was looking for any edge to improve my race performance that season. From our first meeting Jo was a model of good patience; good sense and clear-thinking, helping me to break down every aspect of what I did and how I thought in any given situation; to identify helpful and unhelpful thinking and to learn how to retain and channel my focus. I had a strong season and qualified for the ITU World Championships in Mexico where I finished in the top ten. Much more than the result itself, I really enjoyed the whole experience however stressful it was at the time. And when it came to the start line there was nowhere else on the planet I’d rather have been.

I can’t recommend Jo highly enough. In fact, that’s exactly what I’ve done over the last year or so and other sporting friends have also benefited from her expertise. I’ve always found Jo to be thoroughly well-prepared and professional and her detailed post-session summary notes to be invaluable tools that I continue to use.


I have worked with Jo to build on multiple areas within Sport Psychology such as concentration during matches and focussing on competition day. We have worked on keeping myself motivated within my sport and uncontrollable/controllable factors within sport. I still continue to work with Jo as I view Sport Psychology as an integral part of sports performance for any athlete.

Jo has made a major positive difference to my sports performance results-wise and also to my general mental wellbeing. I would recommend her to any sportsperson wishing to work on the mental elements of their sport.

Peter International Judoka (GB Rank #1, Senior over-100kg category)

We contacted Jo to work on a lack of self-belief and confidence, especially when faced with a crowded floor. Our sessions involved a number of processes: We discussed our strengths and weaknesses and objectively evaluated them. We developed strategies to overcome worries on crowded floors; how to take evasive action and be confident in doing so. We developed a more confident start to each dance. Additionally, we looked at personal history and how this had affected performance and self-image. Together, this resulted in a more confident approach to dance and life in general.

Since undertaking sport psychology sessions, our results have improved and we have not finished outside the podium places. We feel much of our positive outcome has resulted from the sessions we have had with Jo. We found Jo a most approachable and encouraging person and highly recommend her. Our coaches also have noticed the positive performance and attitude changes and commented upon them, saying that they feel the sessions with Jo have helped us begin to achieve our potential.

BS & SS Senior II (O45) and Senior III (O55), Championship Level Ballroom Dancers

I have been playing the sport of Boccia for 6 years now and have been an England athlete for 3 years.  I started seeing Jo for Sport Psychology about a year and a half ago and she has been of immense help.  We have mainly worked on my confidence levels within my sport and competition nerves.  She has given me practical steps to improve my mindset and focus when it comes to competing and has greatly improved my confidence and self-belief.  We have done lots of work on what resources I bring to the game of boccia, which is extremely useful to remind myself when self doubt creeps in.  She has helped me focus on my technical process when competing which has greatly improved my performance during match play and when completing drills whilst attending England training camps.  I now enjoy competitions and look forward to showing what I can achieve; whereas before I dreaded competitions and would worry I wasn’t good enough.  I would highly recommend Jo and the Sport Psychology she delivers, it really does change your outlook and performance for the better.

Penny England Boccia Player

I sometimes lose my way a little when training on my own, and I have a tendency to focus on the negatives. This also affects my competing. I get very nervous and make silly mistakes. I spent time with Jo this summer and she helped me to set effective goals for training sessions. She then gave me tools to use on my own to help me stay positive, focussed and productive. After just a few weeks of working with these techniques and Jo’s support I found my training sessions become enjoyable again. I also started to see my results at competitions improve and I reached my 7 year ambition of getting placed at BE100.

Esme Grassroots Dressage and Event Rider

Working with Jo helped bolster my self-belief, my focus and changed my attitude towards many aspects of training and how I viewed competition. Jo’s sessions flowed freely giving me confidence to bring up any subject I felt I needed help with. They allowed me to obsess/stress less over the minutiae of training which enabled me to become a happier, more focused and better athlete all round.

Billy Boxer

Working with Jo enabled me to overcome the psychological trauma of a serious knee injury I suffered. With Jo, I developed a number of trigger words to keep myself focussed during training matches and ensure my “head-chatter” was positive. Through using these trigger words, I was able to make a return to the 1st XV within 2 months, and reach the quarter finals of the U18 Natwest Cup. This success was then followed on the cricket field where I was top runs scorer for the 1st XI.

David 1st Team School Rugby Player and Cricketer

When I retired in November 2016, I set myself the target of competing in a single scull at the World Masters Rowing Championships in September 2017.

With much of my training on my own, motivation was always going to be an issue. I’d begun to appreciate the importance of the mental side of training and competing, so knew I would benefit from discussions with a Sport Psychologist.

I approached Jo with the question: Why, during training and racing, does my brain get me to give up before my body?

From the start, Jo was very professional and personable; and spot-on with her assessment that it might take 4-6 sessions to gather information, talk about and create changes/build strategies, and trial and review those strategies. Jo was well-prepared before each meeting, a good listener, able to draw out the salient points, and provided an accurate summary immediately after each session.

It was a valuable opportunity to reflect for myself upon what I was doing, what I wanted to achieve, and how I could get there; and these sessions have given me a solid foundation to build upon.

Thanks Jo! I look forward to our future reviews.

Andy World Masters Rower

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