Jo’s Approach

Why choose to work with Jo?

Read here about Jo’s key values that form essential ‘ingredients’ for successful psychology sessions.

Celebrating individuality

You are unique. And, this is a good thing! Every person Jo works with has a unique situation, and a unique set of aspirations, motivational drivers, personality traits, strengths, and development areas. It follows then that we cannot take a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Jo guarantees a bespoke approach, where session content will be tailored to you, your goals, your actions, and your solutions. We’ll celebrate your uniqueness, and maximise your strengths.

Warmth and Respect

You will feel understood. Jo seeks to understand you and your situation with empathy – to walk your situation next to you. No question or concern will be judged or discarded; but welcomed with warmth, truly listened to, and considered carefully. Sport and life inevitably has it’s ups and downs, and Jo aims to create an environment of honesty and openness: where you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings; your highs and lows; and your triumphs and concerns. Not only will this openness feel liberating, but it is essential to processing your experiences and moving forward.


You know the answers. (Yes, you read that right!). Jo believes that Psychology sessions aren’t a passive process or something that is ‘done to’  or ‘for’ you. It’s very much a proactive process, where Jo will work in collaboration with you. Your perspectives and ideas are important and valued, and working with Jo will feel like team-work. Through discussing, exploring and clarifying your mindset, emotions, and actions together, you may often find that you create your own solutions. Jo will also guide you on psychological principles, skills, and strategies where appropriate. Jo can also collaborate with your support team, such as sport coaches or other sport science professionals; to help support you on a wider level.


You will be supported – but you’ll need to commit too!  Jo will 100% commit to passionately helping you to move towards what matters to you. But, there is no magic wand, and you will need to commit to the journey too! Just like developing physical strength or a new technical skill, learning to manage your mindset takes ongoing dedication and practise. You might for example be encouraged to practise a mental skill between one session and the next, ready to review your experiences next time. To make positive change, you have to want to change.

Professionalism and Integrity

You are assured a quality and personable service. Jo works under the Gold standard ‘British Psychological Society’ professional code of conduct; she has undertaken 7-years of degree and post-graduate-level training; and her applied experience spans over 25 different sports and a broad spectrum of performance and life settings. Your sessions will be underpinned by evidence-based psychological principles, coupled with Jo’s extensive professional experience. Of equal important is the personal touch that Jo brings as an independent practitioner; taking pride in being approachable and personable. You won’t get lost as a number within a big organisation: You will be championed as an individual whose goals, values, and progress really do matter.