Laura B

June 22, 2017

Jo has run two workshops for our Riding Club (Milton Keynes RC) – one on Combating Nerves and Building Confidence, and one on Mental Skills for Peak Performance; both of which were excellent. They were very well attended, and it was great to be able to offer something which appealed to all of our members, from those competing at a national level, to those who were nervous hackers. Jo gave clear and concise information, which was easy to understand and accessible to all, and used relatable examples to bring her concepts to life. As an active competitor myself it was SO useful to be reminded to only focus on what I can control, not all the other factors going on around me; as well as thinking of a positive mantra to keep myself in the zone! The sessions provoked a lot of discussion and those who attended really got a lot out of it – I would recommend Jo’s workshops to anyone.