June 22, 2017
Having been a confident rider all my life I suddenly found myself to be nervous, negative and anxious, a combination of middle age and becoming the owner of a very sensitive, quirky and sometimes unpredictable, horse.  I was on the point of giving up all together when I met Jo. I found her to be kind and sympathetic and, as a rider herself, she could empathise with my worries and fears.
Jo put me back in control.  She taught me techniques which helped me focus on my riding and not on the “what if” scenarios which before had constantly played in my head. Thanks to her help I went from someone who found it hard to ride a 20m circle and felt anxious trotting over a pole to someone who scored 70%+ at dressage and was confident jumping a 1m track.
I cannot thank Jo enough for helping me to rediscover my love of riding and would recommend her to anyone who is experiencing doubts and fears at whatever level.