June 22, 2017

We contacted Jo to work on a lack of self-belief and confidence, especially when faced with a crowded floor. Our sessions involved a number of processes: We discussed our strengths and weaknesses and objectively evaluated them. We developed strategies to overcome worries on crowded floors; how to take evasive action and be confident in doing so. We developed a more confident start to each dance. Additionally, we looked at personal history and how this had affected performance and self-image. Together, this resulted in a more confident approach to dance and life in general.

Since undertaking sport psychology sessions, our results have improved and we have not finished outside the podium places. We feel much of our positive outcome has resulted from the sessions we have had with Jo. We found Jo a most approachable and encouraging person and highly recommend her. Our coaches also have noticed the positive performance and attitude changes and commented upon them, saying that they feel the sessions with Jo have helped us begin to achieve our potential.