June 22, 2017

Jo helped me to develop and discover ways of thinking in order to allow me to rationalise my fears of being out of control. This was a hindering factor to progressing my young horse and giving him a well-rounded competition education that he needed.

This work centred around a journal where I noted performance and what as good and bad about performance. I noted the effects the strategies had in getting me to progress and I realised what achievements actually were. The main refocus was ensuring that I was able to explain exactly what I needed from people around me, in order to achieve the now more realistic goals. This enabled me to be more honest with my coaches and this make better progress as the aims and goals were more realistic and focused as a result.

I can honestly say that I now understand more about training, achievement, mentality, and how that all links to physical performance; and the importance confidence and belief has on outcomes. It is liberating not to be solely results focused as the rosette is not always the achievement!