June 22, 2017

Jo came to Benenden to give a series of lectures to 14 – 17-year old students, on topics including: Identifying your Ideal Performance State and how to achieve it; practical strategies such as using visualisation and music; and managing nerves and stress.

Her sessions were clear and concise, and interactive; involving lots of discussion and some motivational ideas to take away. The girls loved the playlist idea when travelling to a fixture and they made one straight away. They also benefitted from the mental imagery and the trigger words discussions.

I would recommend Jo to help school girls as she is on their wave length, and they felt that they could easily chat with her. We had national Lacrosse players, tennis players, netballers, equestrians, squash players and swimmers all at her talks. Some are at the top end of performance and others were school players.

I too benefitted! After discussing the nerves that cripple me when competing (equestrian), Jo’s advice meant that I now have a music playlist and a ‘trigger saying’ when I feel I am in danger of holding my breath though nerves!