June 22, 2017
Jo Davies was initially recommended to me by another para rider when we were discussing competition nerves and the issues that held us back. When I  later mentioned that I was going to see Jo to friends to other competitors, suddenly I learned how many others she had helped in a variety of ways; and all the reports  were very positive.
It was crunch time for me as I was trying to qualify for Rio 2016 Paralympics and the pressure was on big time. The qualification criteria for the Paralympics is very complex and I needed to get the very best results to be in with a chance – incapacitating nerves were not welcome! The advice and details that we discussed together were reassuring,  supportive and effective. Suddenly, I had a concrete framework that I could utilise whenever working on my own in the school – when often the “doubt demons” creep up on you!! I still carry that mindset with me to every schooling session – with a mapped out plan in my mind – and a debrief to myself the way back to the yard.
Jo taught me that it is all about the focus/detail/planning and taking a step back to look first & foremost at the positives of a schooling session or a test… not just the negatives as we are all very quick to do!  It’s not always easy and is definitely work in progress for me – probably always will be – but at least now I feel more confident that I have some of the tools needed to achieve that aim.
Speaking of which – next goal is qualifying for WEG 2018 on a new horse P’S Panta Leone!